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    Humanism by Barbara Smoker
    A revised and expanded 2005 edition of this popular paperback, introducing the historical development of humanist philosophy and activity. Aimed at teenagers, but also a good introduction for adults.

    Illustrated, 80 pages.

    GBP - £6.50 (inc VAT)  post free.

'FREETHOUGHTS' by Barbara Smoker

      This is a selection of articles from the Freethinker   written over the years

    239  pages.        GBP - £9.95 (inc VAT)  post free.

    Below is a photograph of Annie Laurie Gaylor  with Barbara and 'Freethoughts'  while visiting Conway Hall in 2000

    Annie & Barbara

    Annie Laurie Gaylor's book Women Without Superstition - "No Gods No Masters" .

    is a compilation of the works of some 50 women freethinkers since the early 17th century to the present day, one of whom is  Barbara Smoker.

Blackham Blackham's Best by Barbara Smoker

Written  in honour of H.J.Blackham's 100th birthday on March 31st 2003. It is an  expanded  and improved format of Blackham's Best - a  compilation of quotations from his writings, originally  published on his 85th birthday.

           Taken from nine of his books and from articles in a variety of publications, the excerpts are arranged under 19 thematic headings, from 'Life;' and Human Nature' through 'Morality' and Knowledge, to 'Religion' and Literature' and, of course, 'Humanism'

          GBP £4.50  (inc VAT)  post free.

        Our Pagan Christmas by R.J Condon

    This one of the best small publications on the origins of the midwinter festival and some of  its current activities and symbols.

    Its pre-Christian origins are in the  myths of people without science or understanding of the universe - people who depended on the seasonal patterns of life for whom the birth of the 'new sun' at the winter solstice was indeed an occasion for celebration.

    A perceptive Foreword by Barbara Smoker  brings together the history and an explanation of  the need for the modern movement for secular humanism.

    Available direct, see below or from the National Secular Society

    Price £3


    Barbara Smoker's books - old-fashioned printed and bound books -  can be ordered from her direct.

     If ordering more than one book, deduct 10% from the price.
    Please send orders with old-fashioned cheques (made out to Barbara Smoker) to:-  51 Farmfield Road, Bromley, BR1 4NF, and they will be dispatched  post free.)